Lithuanian transport company will install innovative LPG dual fuel system in its truck fleet

Luckaus Transportas, part of Lithuanian haulage contractor Saudingos Autotransportas, has signed a subject-to-trial agreement to install addvantage’s Autogas dual-fuel system in its fleet. Saudingos operates in excess of 500 heavy-duty trucks.

Following completion of trial installations to several Lithuanian fleets, the addvantage installation team will be scheduling an early date for installation of the trial unit and a comprehensive trial. The order is for an initial 50 trucks.

“It’s great news that our successful partnership with Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association (LINAVA) continues to bear fruit, with yet another Lithuanian haulier signing a contract to install the addvantage system,” commented Daniel Mitchell, CEO of addvantage Global.

The addvantage technology can be retrofitted to any heavy-duty truck in a matter of hours, according to the company. Once fitted, it delivers proven fuel-cost savings of 9.5% and cuts CO2 emissions by 23%.

addvantage explained that “a precise amount of LPG is injected pre combustion to create a mix of diesel, air and LPG”, and that the technology uses telemetry data from the truck to calculate the exact amount of LPG to inject. “This precision is how addvantage delivers such exceptional fuel economy – proven in the real world and independently verified by world-renowned Emissions Analytics,” they added.

Source: addvantage

30 August 2023