Latest generation Autogas system launched in Romania


Given strict European directives regarding vehicles and fuel utilisation, AGR Autogas Group launched a new product for the automotive LPG market in Romania and indirectly for large fleets seeking to streamline fuel and operation costs: a new type of Autogas system that has the ability to switch to LPG much faster than traditional equipment.

“I started this project two years ago, when we started the testing phase of this product on different types of cars in different modes and at different temperature levels. After the results, we have decided to approve new types of AGR brand Autogas systems, which are composed of AC reducers, produced in collaboration with Polish manufacturer GPL STAG, well known in Romania for its wide range of automotive electronics,” said Silviu Raicea, Commercial Director of AGR Autogas Group.

LPG installation approval phase is already completed and in September the company will start to commercialise the proposed new types of Autogas kits with a new type of gearbox.

Tomasetto, AGR and Prins are the three brands of LPG equipment launched in Romania over the years by AGR Autogas Group, totalling approximately 50% of Autogas conversions in the country.

“For the second half of 2016, given the improved product mix and the ability to offer an effective technical solution for all types of cars powered by gasoline, we are optimistic in terms of conversion figures and expect a growth of approximately 20% compared to 2015,” added Raicea.