Landi Renzo exhibits its Jeep Compass Trifuel at Bologna-based event

Landi Renzo, which has been developing Autogas systems for more than 60 years, was present at the XIV edition of the Festival Francescano in Bologna with its Jeep Compass Trifuel, a hybrid vehicle capable of running on LPG, petrol and electricity.

When running on electricity, traditional plug-in hybrids reduce consumption and emissions, but when traveling on motorways and there are no nearby charging points, it is necessary to switch to petrol mode, generating high consumption, mainly if the trip is long.

Landi Renzo promises to have found a brilliant solution to break this curse, and that will allow drivers to save a lot, by converting the Jeep Compass 4xe to Autogas.

With this project, the Italian company has created the first tri-fuel car that runs on petrol, electricity and even LPG, an economic and environmentally friendly fuel that also gives the vehicle greater driving range. For more information, please check this link.

Photo: Landi Renzo

12 October 2022