Korean bank donates Autogas cars to deaf taxi drivers

Hana Bank has donated two LPG-powered vehicles to CO:ACTUS, a mobility startup that hires people with hearing impairments as taxi drivers. The cars will be used for the company’s Goyohan (which means silent in Korean) Mobility taxi service.

“One the Car (Hana’s car financing brand) has been supported by our customers due to a series of its socially responsible programmes,” Hana Bank CEO Park Sung-ho said. “We are going to continue making efforts to help supply eco-friendly vehicles and provide sincere support for society.”

This initiative is part of the bank’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) corporate responsibility project under which Hana’s car financing brand, One the Car, raised funds for the donation. If a customer applies for an auto finance loan through the platform, the bank saves 2,000 won ($1.71) per contract and the money goes towards donating vehicles for socially vulnerable groups.

The donation is meaningful because it offers not just the vehicles, but job opportunities for deaf drivers. Customers can also take part in the ESG campaign by using the service.

A tablet PC will be set up at the back seat of the vehicles so customers can communicate with drivers. CO:ACTUS developed a communication software for that purpose. For more information, please check this link.

29 September 2021