Korea: Renault’s Autogas QM6 will achieve 100,000-unit sale milestone

Renault Korea Motors announced that its LPG-fuelled QM6 model is expected to hit the 100,000 milestone in sales in the near future, due the high demand for this vehicle among Korean drivers. Almost seven out of ten QM6 cars sold in the first half of 2023 were LPG models.

The QM6 LPe is the only sport utility vehicle in Korea that is powered by Autogas.

According to Renault, one of the key reasons behind the LPG model’s huge success is its reduced fuel costs. Its mileage of 8.7 kilometres per litre is lower than the petrol model’s 12 kilometres per litre. In addition to its cheaper fuel price, the fuel costs are about 20% lower than those for the petrol model.

Following its slogan, “smooth ride like sedan, quieter SUV than sedan,” the QM6 features a robust suspension that reduces body roll and comfortable seats. It has sound-absorbing materials in between the engine compartment and cabin, as well as applied laminated glass in the windshield to minimise wind noise while driving. The car also boasts a variable transmission in its dynamometer system to reduce noise and vibration when the engine runs.

Currently, the QM6 LPe doesn’t offer a taxi model but the car is known to be favoured by taxi drivers, possibly due to the cheaper operational costs, the company said. In order to meet demand, the carmaker is offering special pricing and quick delivery services for the cars to be used as taxis.

In celebration of the car reaching 100,000 unit sales, Renault Korea is also offering a special discount of 400,000 won (USD 311) for first-time customers and another 200,000 won (USD 155) to 1 million won (USD 777) discount for second-time buyers. The QM6 LPe is priced between 23.76 million (USD 18,467) and 29.46 million won (USD 22,897).

Source: The Korea Herald

2 August 2023