Korea: Pocheon City launches project to switch school buses to Autogas

Pocheon City announced a new LPG school vehicle project, expected to reduce emissions and protect children’s health. This year’s project volume will be 20 vehicles, while 7 million won per unit will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligible recipients are those who report or are expected to report a new Autogas medium-sized passenger bus or van to use as a children’s school vehicle while scrapping their old diesel unit. It is also possible to apply for a subsidy to purchase a new car, but the owner of the vehicle must have a registered address in Pocheon.

“As a project to not only reduce fine dust but also protect children’s health, we hope that many applications such as kindergartens and sports facilities will be applied. We are also paying a subsidy for new cars, so we hope for many applications,” commented an official from Pocheon City Eco-Friendly Policy Division.

Pocheon City also announced that it had supported the transition of 56 school vehicles to Autogas from 2018 to 2021, with an investment of 444 million won. For more information, please check here.

19 January 2022