Korea: Autogas vehicles used in car-sharing service with hearing-impaired drivers

Renault Samsung Motors Corp., the South Korean unit of French automaker Renault S.A.,  announced its LPG-powered QM6 SUV has been selected for the platform established to offer car-sharing services by hiring hearing-impaired drivers.

The initiative is called Goyohan (‘silent’ in Korean) Mobility, and was introduced by a local startup Coactus Ltd., a mobility service platform that hires hearing-impaired drivers to provide car-sharing services to general passengers in the Seoul metropolitan area.

The Goyohan Mobility service will use a tablet installed within the vehicle to enable smooth communication between hearing-impaired drivers and their passengers. Users will be able to dictate or type their destination into the tablet, and drivers will then be able to verify the destination information through the monitor.

The service will start with 10 Autogas cars, while the fleet is scheduled to increase up to 100 vehicles.

The QM6 LPe is the first LPG-fuelled SUV in the South Korean SUV market featuring greater trunk space thanks to the installation of a donut-shaped LPG tank, with its driving comfort and performance emulating those of gasoline sedans. For more information, please check this link.

5 August 2020