Japanese taxi operator offers relax and sleep service with LPG-powered car

In collaboration with relaxation drink brand Chill Out, the Japanese taxi-operator Daiwa Motor Transportation launched the #SleepingTaxi service with a Toyota JPN Taxi-based vehicle powered by Autogas, which was roaming the streets of Tokyo for a limited time last month, offering a free-of-charge relaxing experience to people.

The Toyota JPN Taxi is a purpose-built vehicle, which was unveiled in production form in 2017, featuring a tall body, a spacious cabin, and a 1.5-litre LPG hybrid powertrain. This vehicle served as the perfect base for the #SleepingTaxi with a series of modifications.

Given that the Toyota JPN Taxi has huge legroom, it is not hard for someone to find a relaxing seating position. Gentle music playing through the speakers and calming videos on the screen help passengers forget their worries while a disposable sleep mask is offered for those with sensitive eyes. Citizens of Tokyo made good use of this promotional service since it was completely free of charge, offering a nice experience outside of the daily routine.

The JPN Taxi, assembled at Toyota’s Higashi-Fuji Plant in Japan, features an LPG hybrid system (THS II), combining an LPG engine with an electric motor. It offers a 19.4 km/L fuel economy and sharply reduced CO2 emissions. For more information, please visit this link.

13 October 2021