Jamaica’s Autogas infrastructure expected to grow this year

GB Energy, operator of Texaco’s network in Jamaica, announced they will be opening new service stations in 2019 and will expand the refuelling network outfitted to supply LPG, as part of its Autogas initiative launched last year. “Not only we will have six to eight new stations this year, but the company is also coming strong with LPG,” said GB Energy Jamaica-Texaco CEO Mauricio Pulido.

GB Energy is investing close to U$S 500,000 to add LPG refuelling at 14 stations. So far, the only facility offering Autogas is the service station located on Half Way Tree Road, which opened in 2018, while the Molynes Road location will open soon “We are installing seven more service stations as we speak. The number will be up to 15 by year end,” he said.

“This is beneficial for the country because it is more environmentally friendly and is an economical solution,” commented Pulido. “Consumers will save money by using LPG. It is close to half the price of gasoline.”

Moreover, GB-Texaco is exploring ways of financing the conversions, which are expected to cost around $150,000 (U$S 1,140) to $200,000 (U$S 1,900) per vehicle, to help motorists switch from gasoline to LPG.

The company is also investing $80 million to construct a conversion centre in St. Andrew to retrofit vehicles so they can operate with Autogas. The conversion workshop will employ about 30 people upon completion in the second half of the year, according to Pulido. For more information, please check this link.

27 February 2019