Italy: Veneto offers incentives to accelerate transition to alternative fuels

In line with the needs of reducing polluting emissions, including particulate matter, and with the commitments made under the “New Programme Agreement for the joint adoption of measures to improve the air quality in the Po Valley,” the Regional Council of Veneto has allocated 200,000 Euros in grants to be awarded to those drivers who install an LPG or natural gas system on their vehicles.

The measure is intended for private owners of petrol or diesel-powered cars from Euro 0 to Euro 5. There is time to apply until 25 November 2019 and the aid may not exceed 50% of the total installation cost.

Drivers who made the conversion to petrol/LPG will receive an incentive of 600 Euros, while the transformation to diesel/LPG will get a bonus of 700 Euros.

“With these resolution we decided to allocate, in the first instance, 200,000 Euros on the current budget,” said Councillor for the Environment, Gianpaolo Bottacin. “Our interventions to improve air quality continue and on time.”

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20 November 2019