Italy: Kia Sportage now available in Autogas version

Kia is now offering the New Sportage ECO-LPG in Italy to further enrich the automaker’s range of propulsions and engines and meet the needs of all customers. The bi-fuel car, which is available in two versions: Business Class and Energy, is the result of a collaboration between BRC-MTM and the Dutch company PRINS AutoGasSystem.

The New Kia Sportage ECO-LPG delivers 127 HP and guarantees a driving range of approximately 1200 kilometres (including the capacity of both tanks) with 151 g/km of CO2 emissions in the combined NEDC cycle.

Moreover, in order to maintain Kia’s reliability demonstrated by the 7-year warranty, the new Autogas vehicle is equipped with the “Valve Care” technology which, thanks to the introduction of a special additive stored in a special tank, protects the valves against wear over time.

“This big news in the Sportage range represents an undoubted competitive advantage both for the still strong demand for LPG engines, especially among private customers, and for the lack of real competitors of the model with bi-fuel system,” said Giuseppe Bitti, CEO of Kia Motors Company Italy. “The Sportage ECO-LPG will fully enter into Kia’s strategy, where one of the main assets is also to be present with a complete Autogas range, responding to the growing need of alternative fuels, result from the more stringent traffic restrictions, particularly in big cities.”

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23 October 2019