Italy: Emilia-Romagna reopens incentives for alternative fuel vehicles

The Government of Emilia Romagna Region has decided to reopen the Ecobonus, an incentive plan for the purchase of a new low carbon car, until 30 September. The alternative fuel vehicles, which must comply with the Euro 6 standard, include Autogas, natural gas, hybrid or electric.

To request the incentive, citizens must reside in one of the Municipalities of Emilia Romagna and have scrapped their old polluting vehicle. Scrapped vehicles must be up to Euro 2 class for those fuelled with petrol and up to Euro 4 for all diesel cars.

Emilia Romagna Region’s Ecobonus will now offer 2,000 Euros for all those who decide to scrap their old car and buy a new Euro 6 vehicle powered by Autogas or natural gas (bi-fuel or dedicated).

Citizens can apply for the incentives on the government’s website until 30 September. Emilia Romagna has made available a section of this site to provide all the information regarding the request for the bonus. For more information, please visit this link.

14 August 2019