Italy: City of Orvieto adds Autogas car for police department

The new service vehicle of the Orvieto Local Police was presented by Ariccia-based Elevox during the 39th edition of the ‘Days of Local Police and Urban Security,’ which took place in Riccione on 9-11 September. In a few days, the car – a Dacia Duster 1600 115 HP with LPG engine – will be handed over to the local police for institutional duties.

“With great satisfaction, together with the Municipal Administration of Orvieto, we have started the renewal of the local police fleet, which for too long has operated dated vehicles causing serious safety concerns for the staff,” said the Commander Alessandra Pirro.

Orvieto local police will now have at their disposal not only a safe vehicle, but also a practical one as, thanks to the devices inserted on board, it will be able to operate as a real mobile office.

Moreover, the new car will offer a “green” vocation as it is powered by Autogas that, while offering the same performance, will ensure savings in economic terms and reduced environmental impact, result of a significant drop in emissions of pollutant fine particles to the atmosphere. For more information, please check this link.

16 September 2020