Italian government approves decree that encourages adoption of alternative fuels


The Council of Ministers approved a decree to implement the EU Directive 2014/94/EU to develop infrastructure for alternative fuels. The purpose of the Directive is to reduce dependence on oil and mitigate the environmental impacts in the transport sector.

The directive lays down minimum requirements for the building of infrastructure for alternative fuels, including Autogas, CNG and LNG, to be implemented through the national strategic frameworks drawn up by the Member States.

Consorzio Ecogas, the body that represents associations of LPG and natural gas for vehicles, has welcomed this decision, which states once again the need for proper access to all alternative fuels.

President of Consorzio Ecogas Alessandro Tramontano also submitted a proposal to the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry to be included in the legislative decree. The initiative establishes: “The introduction of multi-year exemption from paying vehicle tax for greener vehicles and the enlargement to all alternative fuels obligation, for public fleets, to acquire a 25% share of low-emission transport.”

“It is an important opportunity for sustainable mobility because the project contains a series of measures to promote the use of alternative fuels and we are ready to make our contribution,” said Tramontano. The decree also contains an explicit reference to the spread of LPG adoption in marine sector, he added.

According to Ecogas, the measure is very positive to achieve a massive use of alternative fuels in urban areas: local governments are expected, with their own measures, to allow the movement of alternative fuel vehicles in areas restricted to traffic, excluding them from even temporary shutdowns of circulation during pollution peaks for example.