Italian city renews incentives for the conversion of vehicles to alternative fuels

The Municipality of Alba has renewed the agreement with authorised workshops (IN.EL.CAR s.n.c., Delfinetti Dino s.n.c., L.G. Service of Cerrato Luigi, Fontanone Autoservice s.n.c.), where drivers will be able to convert their vehicles to Autogas or natural gas in only two or three days.

As part of this cooperation, Alba is offering a rebate of €250 to city residents who want to adapt their cars to run on alternative fuels, such as Autogas or natural gas. In addition to this incentive, the workshops will apply a discount of €100 on the total amount of the conversion.

This agreement was launched by the Municipality in order to reduce atmospheric pollutants produced by vehicle emissions, alongside other projects, such as the establishment of limited traffic areas.

“We are very pleased to renew this impressive initiative, which has been successful for some years and which, with a good contribution, encourages citizens to make their cars less polluting with the transition to LPG or CNG. For the benefit of the environment, it is one of the many initiatives put in place by our administration to make Alba’s air cleaner,” said the Councillor for the Environment, Marco Marcarino.

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