Indian industry urges government to create alternative fuel policy

The Indian Auto LPG Coalition (IAC) wants the government to treat Autogas at par with any other clean fuel and provide similar fiscal regime as a mix of such fuels would be needed to curb urban pollution in the world’s fastest-growing economy, explained IAC director-general Suyash Gupta,

According to IAC, the government should reduce GST (goods and service tax) on Autogas to 5% to provide the environmentally-friendly fuel a level playing field and spur its adoption. There is a need to frame an alternative fuel policy in the country, they said.

The IAC has written to the GST council seeking a reduction in the tax rate on LPG. “We have sought bringing down the GST rate on Autogas conversion kits from 28% to 5%. We also want to bring down the GST rate on Autogas from 18% to 5%,” Gupta said.

“Providing policy level support and enabling a quicker growth of environment-friendly fuels is imperative now and just not an optional issue anymore,” he added.

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25 September 2019