India: 10 new Autogas stations open in three different states

Under its rapid growth initiative in the Autogas sector to achieve the set target, Confidence Petroleum India Limited has added 10 new LPG refuelling stations to its existing network in the states of Tamilnadu (six), Maharashtra (two), Karnataka (one) and Telangana (one).

With this 10 new locations, the company is expanding its Autogas infrastructure and reaching 219 facilities in total. The team aims to develop and open 500 additional stations over the next five years.

Confidence Petroleum India operates its LPG stations through the brand GoGas since 2008. “This is a safer, greener and cleaner solution to the increasing pollution all around, as well as to the increasing fuel prices. It is an opportunity to look at another fuel option, which has a tremendous growth opportunity,” says the company in its website.

“A network of Autogas stations is the need of the hour. We have understood it and want the world to understand,” concludes the company.

The GoGas stations carry out the purchase, storage, and sale of Autogas by virtue of license offered by the Chief Controller of Explosives. For more information, please check this link.

7 December 2022