Goscor Lift Truck Company goes green!

In these times of record-breaking fuel costs, it is no surprise that companies are looking everywhere for ways to cut down on fuel costs. Well, Goscor Lift Truck Company has found this way! Part of the Goscor Group of Companies, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) is one of the leading forklift supply companies in South Africa, with over three decades of extensive experience in the equipment sales and service industry, supplying the highest quality and top brands of equipment.

GLTC has achieved a whopping 40% saving on their monthly fuel bill by converting vehicles to LPG.

LPG is not a new project. It is a proven technology that has been running for more than 80 years and it is recognised commercially in most countries globally. Converting your engine which would normally run on only petrol, to run on Autogas, gives the driver of the vehicle the option to drive on either petrol or on LPG, which is approximately 35-45% cheaper than your conventional fuels, without compromising engine function!

A certified conversion kit is installed on the vehicle, along with an LPG tank. The tanks installed on Autogas vehicles are highly specialised for this purpose, and this purpose only.

The biggest benefits of converting your vehicle to LPG/CNG are:


– Conversions are quick and simple, when done from a professional technician and then you start saving immediately!

– You do not remove the normal petrol function of your engine, meaning you have TWO fuels to choose from when driving! (double the fuel, double the mileage)

– You face ZERO performance loss when converting your vehicle to LPG

“To be a responsible corporate citizen, fulfilling our obligations within South Africa.”

This is one of the missions of Goscor Group, and by converting to LPG, they are certainly achieving this.

It is no secret that global warming is no longer an issue of the future, it is happening every day, all around us. It takes 20 LPG running vehicles to emit the same amount of NOx as ONE fuel operating vehicle.

NOx is a greenhouse gas which is 300 times stronger than CO2, and a destroyer of the Ozone layer. A car on LPG saves up to 21% CO2 and 81% particles compared to petrol cars and 74% less NOx.

Prins provides innovative systems to convert passenger car engines to LPG or CNG and trucks to LPG, CNG or LNG. The company covers the whole range of older and new vehicles that are new (OEM) and on the market already. More: www.prinsautogas.com.

With a fleet of 200 support vehicles that provide service and maintenance to its national customer base, LPG can significantly reduce fuel costs and reduce environmental damage. “We place great value on protecting the environment and ensuring safe products for our customers,” said Thando Khumalo, GLTC’s General Manager – SHERQ.

Each vehicle converted by Goscor is just another way they are doing their part in helping reduce their emissions and in turn reducing their carbon footprint, (whilst also saving on their monthly fuel bills). If you want to know more, please visit this link.

28 September 2022