Germany eliminates ‘tank discount’, now switching to Autogas is even more convenient

The discount on fuels ended on August 31, 2022. Due to the high petrol prices, the conversion from petrol to Autogas is all the more worthwhile. “Anyone who is considering converting their car to LPG will now have an additional argument with the elimination of the ‘tank discount’. The investment in switching a compact SUV to LPG pays for itself in about 3 years, with 20,000 kilometres driven per year, and conversion costs of 2,500 euros,” said Markus Lau, a technology expert at the German Liquid Gas Association (DVFG).

After the ‘tank discount’ was abolished, the price advantage of LPG compared to petrol continues to increase, because from September 1, 2022, the regular energy tax is due on fuels again. That means:

– For petrol it increases by 35.16 ct/litre (29.55 ct/litre + 5.61 ct/litre VAT)

– For LPG only by 15.07 ct/litre (12.66 ct/litre + 2.41 ct/litre VAT).

Drivers will save money every time they fill up thanks to the significantly lower prices of the Autogas. With regional differences, it is still the case that LPG is between 40% and 50% cheaper than petrol.

“It’s not just the large price difference between petrol and LPG that makes switching to the low-emission fuel very attractive for frequent drivers. The price advantage of LPG is also evident in the comparison of energy costs by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. In the mid-range and luxury class segment, drivers are using alternative fuels like electricity and LPG as the cheapest option,” added Lau. LPG is not only more economic, it also emits 21% less CO2 per energy unit than petrol.

In 2021, around 19,000 drivers recognised the advantages of Autogas and switched to the environmentally-friendly fuel. In 2022, the numbers have increased again. By the end of the year, the German Liquid Gas Association expects that 25,000 cars are converted or are already factory-equipped with LPG technology, bringing the total number to 331,000 Autogas vehicles. For more information, please check this link.

14 September 2022