German industry asks government to support Autogas to face COVID-19 crisis

In case the German federal government plans to help the automotive industry to deal with the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis with purchase bonuses, low-emission Autogas must also be taken into account, according to the German Association for Liquid Gas e. V. (DVFG).

“When talking about purchase bonuses and environmental rebates on the occasion of falling car registrations, Autogas also deserves attention. After all, LPG-powered vehicles are not only characterised by lower CO2 emissions, but also score in terms of their fine dust and nitrogen oxide balance,” said DVFG chairman Rainer Scharr.

The Federal Government could therefore make a double improvement with the promotion of Autogas vehicles, both for the economy and climate protection. Since LPG technology is also suitable for retrofitting fleets, incentives on vehicle conversions could also help promote the transition to this clean alternative, with positive effects on domestic manufacturers.

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13 May 2020