Gasco, Uber and Tucar join forces to promote Autogas adoption in Santiago de Chile

With the aim of moving towards a cleaner and less polluting energy matrix, Gasco is partnering with Uber and Tucar, a start-up dedicated to fleet management, to promote sustainable mobility through the use of LPG-powered vehicles in Chile’s capital city.

The agreement, which will begin as a pilot plan, includes the delivery of five cars converted to LPG to Tucar, so that they can be leased to drivers that generate profits through the Uber platform.

“This alliance will allow thousands of users to make their trips in more environmentally friendly vehicles, also contributing significantly to fuel savings for Uber drivers. We want to make this technology available to Tucar and Uber so that many users have the experience of using the sustainable mobility offered by LPG,” said Fernando Ledesma, Gasco Transport Business Manager.

“At Tucar we are always looking for ways to offer better conditions for drivers who use the Uber app, and that is why we are very happy to be part of this alliance. LPG cars not only offer greater autonomy, they also allow considerable fuel savings and make a great contribution to reducing emissions for our capital city,” commented Pablo Cabello, CEO of Tucar.

It should be remembered that, in June 2020, the Chilean Government made official the authorisation for private vehicles with an age of no more than five years to adapt to Autogas. Based on this regulation, it is expected that within the next five years LPG vehicle fleet is consolidated in the country. For more information, please check here.

2 February 2022