France: Orne announces 2023 budget, includes incentives to Autogas conversions

The Orne Departmental Council has approved its 2023 budget, which is described as responsible, ambitious and green, marked by the significant evolution of the environmental component, according to the President Christophe de Balorre.

Since 2009, the Departmental Council has financially supported Orne people in the necessary energy transition. Now, they are offering an aid of €400 for an LPG installation kit and €200 for a bioethanol kit.

Essentially a rural territory, Orne continues to face a major problem, both environmental and economic, related to transport. Daily travel remains, in fact, very dependent on fossil fuels, such as gasoline or diesel, so the use of cleaner fuels becomes the best alternative.

Installing an Autogas system on a petrol vehicle can be an immediate response, according to the Departmental Council, which will subsidise the expense with up to €400. This measure is aimed at all Orne inhabitants and organisations.

The Departmental Council is also encouraging local authorities (municipalities and intermunicipalities) to deploy car-sharing services in order to develop a new form of mobility in the territory.

“These new departmental policies will make it possible to act very positively on the territory’s greenhouse gas emissions, as well as on air quality, a real public health issue. It is also a matter of concrete support in the face of the problem of a decline in purchasing power,” said de Balorre.

Orne is a department located in the northwest of France (region of Normandy). For more information, please check this link.

21 December 2022