France offers incentives to help acquire Autogas vehicles

Since January 2018, the Government is offering financial aid to help drivers switch from old polluting vehicles to new or used “clean” cars emitting less than 130g CO2/km, including Autogas. With this initiative, France wants to reinforce its strategy to tackle air pollution and reduce emissions.

The bonus will allow the conversion of gasoline vehicles registered for the first time before 1997 or diesel vehicles before 2001 (2006 for non-taxable households), and will benefit drivers purchasing a new or used car with a Crit’Air category 0, 1 or 2 sticker. All LPG-powered vehicles are Crit’air 1 regardless of the year of registration of the vehicle and are therefore eligible for the grant.

Eligible vehicles include private cars, as wells as vans or trucks for commercial use. The incentive amounts to €1,000 for all (new measure in 2018) and €2,000 (compared with €1,000 in 2017) for low income families. The driver also receives an additional “green bonus” if purchases a new vehicle.

The bonus aims to permanently remove old and polluting vehicles from the fleet, allowing as many people as possible to reach the city centres during pollution peaks.

For more information, please visit this link.

31 January 3018