France includes Autogas in the list of fuel discounts

The Prime Minister has added LPG to the list of fuels which benefit from a discount of 0,15 Euros per litre from 1 April. This discount applies directly at the pump for all individuals and professionals who drive on LPG. It also applies to non-road LPG fuel used mainly by professionals, forklifts for example.

This inclusion of Autogas in the economic and social resilience plan will reward consumers who have chosen to abandon diesel and gasoline for reasons that are not only economic, but also ecological, according to the association France Gaz Liquide. It will rekindle interest in this available alternative fuel and also encourage motorists to switch to Autogas to drive cheaper and pollute less.

In this period when the prices of diesel and petrol fuels are soaring, controlling mobility expenses remains a major concern for the French. Faced with rising prices at the pump, more and more motorists are turning to the LPG solution to significantly reduce their fuel bill.

In February, in a sluggish automotive market, sales of new Autogas vehicles increased by +11% compared to February 2021 (3,297 registrations). Overall, sales of LPG-fuelled vehicles have tripled in less than 3 years. Today, 200,000 motorists run on LPG in France. For more information, please check this link.

13 April 2022