France Gaz Liquides asks government to support conversions to LPG

In addition to incentives for electric vehicles, financial aid to switch vehicles to LPG would make it possible to socially broaden the government’s resilience plan, according to France Gaz Liquides. That is way, the association proposes to include conversions to Autogas among the emergency measures which should soon be submitted to the new parliamentarians.

Besides the models offered by the car manufacturers, it is possible to run on LPG by equipping a new or used petrol vehicle. The government should offer an economic and sustainable solution such as Autogas ‘aftermarket’ installations, says the French association.

Taking into account the aftermarket LPG conversions in the allocation of bonus and rebates would support the purchasing power of households in terms of mobility to cope with rising fuel prices. It would also anticipate the prospect of voltage from this winter on the electricity network due to a reduction in production capacity (in particular of the nuclear park) and an increase in uses as an alternative to Russian natural gas. LPG provides an additional solution to relieve the network and offers a cheap, reliable and independent alternative to electric mobility.

For the most modest French people and long-distance commuters, aftermarket conversions indeed meet the challenges of purchasing power, circular economy and respect for the environment. An LPG conversion costs much less than that of an electric retrofit, accessible from €2,000 when the electric retrofit is between €15,000 and €20,000.

In 2021, 50,000 Autogas vehicles were sold in France. For more information, please visit this link.

6 July 2022