France: Autogas keeps gaining momentum, encouraging drivers to green their fleets

In February, 4,711 new LPG-powered vehicles were registered, compared to 3,297 units in the same period of 2022, which means an increase of 42.89%. In addition, 1,904 vehicles were registered on the second-hand market (an increase of 19.6%).

Since the start of 2023, sales of new LPG vehicles have jumped by 48.16%. This growth was mainly boosted by Dacia’s car offering and the the low cost of the fuel. Autogas has an average price of €0.97 per litre at the French pump, €0.93 cheaper than unleaded 95/E10 and €0.87 cheaper than diesel.

LPG is one of the cheapest fuels in France thanks to a low Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products (TICPE). Moreover, there is a 100% recovery of VAT on the purchase of LPG fuel, and an exemption from TVS (Tax on Company Vehicles) for three years for LPG vehicles that emit less than 100gr CO²/km (NEDC).

Whatever the size of the fleet, the optimisation of budgets and the possibility of rolling without restriction have become priorities for companies. Besides being an economic solution both to purchase and to use, Autogas offers other benefits that encourage French professionals to green their fleet, including the Crit’Air 1 vignette that allows LPG vehicles to circulate in all Low Emission Zones and less expensive or free parking on the road or underground.

Moreover, it offers a positive contribution to the company’s carbon footprint (decrease of about 20% in carbon emissions compared to gasoline engines and up to -80% when the LPG is of renewable origin).

Drivers can fill the tank in less than three minutes via a network of service stations in cities, in the countryside and on the motorways. There are 1,500 Autogas stations in France, i.e. one every 60 kilometres.

Source: France Gaz Liquides

29 March 2023