Ford offers LPG-powered version of Fiesta in Spain

Ford is expanding its urban mobility options; it recently launched an Autogas variant of the Fiesta model, a best-selling small car with modern design and advanced technologies. The new Ford Fiesta 1.1 PFi GLP 75 CV, in Trend and ST-Line versions, offers a total range of about 1,000 kilometres (including both the LPG and gasoline tanks).

As it runs on Autogas, the car is categorised with the ECO label, awarded by the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), which means the vehicle do not pay the registration tax and gets up to a 75% discount on the Mechanical Traction Vehicle rate.

Moreover, it can access the low emission areas in cities like Madrid, and obtains discounts in the regulated parking areas and on some toll roads.

Regarding the additional tank required for LPG, it only occupies the space of the spare wheel, so it does not affect the capacity of the trunk.

In Spain there are more than 600 Autogas stations to refuel. For more information, please visit this link.

28 August 2019