First multi-fuel station opens in Seoul

In cooperation with Hyundai Motor, the South Korean oil refiner GS Caltex built and opened the first all-in-one filling station supplying gasoline, diesel, Autogas, electricity and hydrogen. The one stop sits on a 3,300-square-metre area at Gangdong District, eastern Seoul. It is the first station of its kind in the country’s capital city. GS Caltex will be responsible for the operation and management.

To celebrate its launch, the multi-fuel station will offer free car wash services to customers for one month. The facility, which is more than 100 metres long, is equipped with two car washing machines and one DIY facility, where drivers can clean the interior of their cars.

“GS Caltex will take pre-emptive actions to future environmental changes and accelerate the expansion of energy services,” the company added.

South Korea was one of the first countries to promote the widespread use of Autogas and, for many years, had by far the largest Autogas market in the world. At the end of 2018, there were 2.05 million Autogas cars in use, supported by a network of nearly 2,000 refuelling stations. Around three-quarters of the current Autogas vehicle fleet are private LDVs (including taxis and rental cars) and the rest are SUVs, specially designed vehicles for disabled people, minibuses and commercial vans. Around 95% of the country’s taxis run on LPG, according to WLPGA.

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10 June 2020