First LPG-powered truck fleet hit Chilean streets


Energy company Gasco and authorised dealer Kaufmann have signed a commercial agreement to deploy Chile’s first trucks powered by Autogas. This is also the first Freightliner S2G truck fleet in Latin America that uses a clean fuel such as LPG for its operation. The vehicles will be used by Gasco to distribute fuel.

LPG use in heavy transport segment already has homologation in Chile, according to the current environmental regulations. The new trucks will reduce particulate matter by 70% and carbon monoxide emissions by 60%, compared to a similar heavy duty vehicle with diesel engine.

“With the implementation of these vehicles manufactured in the United States, Gasco LPG demonstrates its commitment not only to the distribution of this fuel, but also to its adoption as a vehicle fuel. It is proven that its use reduces the carbon footprint by up to 18% compared to trucks that use traditional liquid fuels and in more than 50% of noise compared to its diesel counterpart, thus contributing to reduce the noise pollution in big cities,” said Gasco Transport Business Manager, Rodrigo Araya.

“Regarding the efficiency, the Freightliner S2G trucks offer a significant reduction in maintenance and fuel costs, which could mean annual savings for companies that invest in this technology, up to 3 million pesos per truck,” explained Rober Riegel, Truck Manager of Kaufmann.

“There are important success stories in the United States, where various entities, both private and governmental, have implemented this innovative and friendly means of urban distribution, such as utility companies, waste collection companies or large beverage distributors”, added Araya. This is what inspired Gasco to develop such initiative in Chile.

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