Fiat offers LPG-powered car at the price of a gasoline one


Despite its many advantages, running a vehicle on Autogas is increasingly rare in France. There are just 262,000 cars running on LPG in the country, compared with 14 million in Europe, mostly in Italy, Poland or Turkey.

To encourage local motorists to switch to this fuel, Fiat France has launched a special offer. The Fiat Tipo LPG is available at the price of the gasoline version, which represents a saving of 1,500 Euros, and makes Autogas even more attractive.

The initiative includes the entire family of the Tipo: the sedan, the 5-door Tipo and the Tipo SW (station wagon). Prices range from 16,690 to 18,090 Euros, depending on the model. This offer also includes a 5-year or 75,000 km warranty.

In France, Autogas offers an unbeatable price at the pump (on average 70 to 75 cents per litre, saving about 30% per year compared to petrol). Even though the few refuelling stations offering LPG (1,750 out of 10,000), there is no risk of failure: if the tank runs out, you can switch in the blink of an eye to gasoline mode.