Experts encourage Autogas adoption in Chile

In order to present and discuss the different challenges and benefits of using LPG as a fuel for transport, the first seminar ‘Gas in Transportation: Available Energy Today, Ready for Tomorrow’ was held in Chile.

The event, organised by LPG supplier Gasco and industry development company Sofofa, addressed the current legislative framework of Autogas in Chile, the socio-environmental utility that comes from its use and the presentation of proposals on how to encourage the use of this energy in the automotive industry.

It was attended by national and international experts, who presented experiences about the use of LPG in transportation in countries where the use of Autogas was successfully promoted, such as the incentive made in South Korea where most of the taxis use LPG (3.5 million units), and the partnership between Fiat, Uber and Cabify in Spain, which provides greater facilities for drivers to acquire vehicles.

Moreover, General Manager of Gasco Julio Bertrand discussed the different challenges and benefits of using LPG as a fuel for vehicles and stressed the lower cost of operating an LPG-powered vehicle as well as the reduced emissions. “Today we need to give the use of Autogas a greater opportunity,” he said.

Attendees also include representatives of several major companies of the transport industry, such as Hyundai, Kia Chile, Grupo Indumotora Derco, and Kaufmann. For more information, please visit this link.