Energy company announces pilot to convert heavy trucks to Autogas in Chile

Gasco bets on the cargo vehicle segment and is developing a pilot project that will allow heavy transport fleets to operate with Autogas dual fuel technology. The goal is to show the mechanical, consumption and environmental benefits derived from the use of this clean fuel in this type of transport. The company wants to move forward in the release of the existing restrictions for LPG-powered trucks in Chile.

In this way, Gasco continues to strengthen its strategy to position LPG as a sustainable alternative for national transportation, in order to achieve a modification in Decree No. 55 of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications to make the restrictions that currently exist for Autogas more flexible, either in the certification of private vehicles or in heavy transport.

“Given that the composition of our portfolio was mainly taxis and buses, the consumption of these customers was significantly affected (with the rise of digital platforms such as Uber), generating a decrease in our sales and also in the industry in general,” said Fernando Ledesma, Gasco’s Transportation Business Manager.

He also stressed that with this scenario the company is switching part of its strategy to further focus on the adoption of Autogas in heavy transport and fleets.

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24 April 2019