Energy and automotive firms unveil Chile’s first Autogas vehicle for private use

Renault Chile and Gasco have joined forces to launch the only LPG-powered vehicle for private use in the country: the Renault Symbol LPG. According to the companies, this alliance reinforces the need to advance towards the elimination of the existing restrictions for Autogas in the private transport at national level, and taking advantage of this practical alternative to replace highly polluting fuels.

In this regard, the partnership seeks to open up the market for Autogas in Chile, considering that so far only taxis, buses and commercial fleets are authorised to be converted to LPG, totalling 35,000 vehicles nationwide.

The Symbol LPG model is equipped with a 1.6-litre K7M 8-valve engine with 83HP at 5,250 rpm, and features a toroidal tank, located in the space of the spare wheel. The sale of this new version will be joined by a full range of models powered by this alternative fuel, including the Renault Oroch pickup truck and the Dokker van. The latter belongs to the segment of commercial vehicles, so it does not have any vehicle restriction.

Gasco LPG Transportation Business Manager, Fernando Ledesma commented: “We are very proud of the alliance established with Renault that allowed the development of the Symbol LPG model approved for private use. Autogas is the alternative fuel with greater presence and development in the world, so this type of local initiatives is a concrete demonstration that it is possible to move towards an increase of the Autogas fleet in Chile, bringing important environmental benefits due to the reduced emissions generated in relation to gasoline and diesel.”

“Renault is a global brand that is at the forefront of sustainable technologies. Being environmentally-friendly is one of the company’s central axes. That is why, providing an additional option to those that already exist, it will help people reduce their fuel costs and protect the environment, which gives us full satisfaction, as we continue to set the pace in Chile by incorp

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24 October 2018