More driving miles for Autogas taxis in the UK

If a taxi is converted to run on Autogas in London, it receives an additional 5 years life extension of its operational licence, according to a scheme established by Transport for London. Thus the age limits for taxis in London are 15 years which is then extended to 20 years once converted to run on LPG.

In this context, representatives from the company Autogas Limited and the association Edinburgh Central Taxis have met with Edinburgh City Councillors to discuss the age limit of TX taxis with Autogas conversions. The goal is to extend the taxi licence to 5 years if the vehicle runs on LPG, thus improving Edinburgh’s air quality with their green credentials and assisting in reducing noise pollution.

Edinburgh TX taxi has an 8-10 year age limit regardless of emissions. “The new LPG engines are more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, as well as increase the longevity of TX taxis,” said Miles Briggs, Member of Scottish Parliament. “However, it will not be economically viable for more taxi drivers to make the conversions to their vehicles if they are going to be decommissioned after 10 years, regardless of the conversion.”

“It would be counterintuitive for the council not take this more environmentally friendly solution,” added Briggs. “This is a great opportunity to decrease vehicle emissions in the capital and keep the much loved traditional cab.”

“With many of our city’s cab drivers owning older vehicles, and unwilling or unable to invest in a new £60,000 hybrid vehicle, LPG conversion offers a recognised alternative to keep our iconic TX taxis on the road”, commented Councillor Callum Laidlaw. “That is why I am calling on the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee to reconsider the age limit for taxis fitted with approved LPG conversions, to help protect both the environment and livelihoods.”

The LPG engine conversion offers greater long term fuel savings of up to £3500 per year to drivers in comparison to their existing diesel counterparts. For more information, please visit this link.

28 February 2018