Drivers look for alternative fuels among rising petrol and diesel prices in India

As petrol and diesel prices remain around record levels, the Indian Auto LPG Coalition said that consumers are now looking for economical alternative fuels that can save fuel costs without compromising on vehicle performance. In a statement, the association informed that Autogas is currently priced at almost half of both the mainstream automotive fuels.

“In terms of running costs, it has consistently been at least 40% cheaper than petrol. This gives consumers who drive on Autogas a major cost advantage,” said the coalition.

“During these times of severe economic challenges and when all consumers are looking to save costs on multiple fronts, transport bills still continue to skyrocket on account of petrol/diesel prices. Naturally, more consumers today are scouting for either alternative modes of transport or economical alternative fuels,” said Indian Auto LPG Coalition Director General Suyash Gupta.

He also expressed that conversion kit suppliers are reporting a rise in queries from consumers looking to cover their personal vehicles to Autogas. For more information, please check this link.

2 September 2020