Dacia will reinforce investment in Autogas range

Since 2017, Dacia has relied on Autogas to ensure a good part of its sales in Europe. The manufacturer is now the European leader in this market, and sales of LPG-powered vehicles represent 57.6% of Dacia’s total volume in Europe (according to 2021 figures provided by Dacia).

Numbers are different depending on the country. More than 50% of Dacia vehicles sold in Turkey, Poland and Romania in 2021 were LPG-powered and even 70% in Italy. In France, since the beginning of the year, sales of LPG cars constitute 31% of the total volume of sales, while electric only 16.3%.

Autogas covers practically the entire Dacia range, and the company plans to expand it even more, while also continuing to offer LPG models beyond 2025, when the EU will implement the Euro 7 emissions standard.

“We could extend the LPG offer to other engines and combine it with an automatic gearbox,” said Didier Michaud, Dacia Platforms & Powertrains Leader.

This intention was confirmed by Lionel Jaillet, Dacia’s Product Director, who commented: “Our indicator is the utility/cost ratio. LPG is of interest to most European markets, unlike E85, whose sales are concentrated in France and Sweden. This is why we will continue to invest in this technology. We are working on its compatibility with Euro7 standards, as we did for Euro6d Full.”

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22 June 2022