Dacia leads Italian Autogas market

In the first half of 2021, Dacia Italia has consolidated its leadership in the LPG market, with over 22,000 registrations (+ 170.7%) and a market share of 37.17%.

Considering exclusively the sales of cars to private individuals, the market share exceeds 40% with over 19,000 registrations. On the top step of the podium of the private Autogas market we find the Sandero with 11,026 registrations and a share of 22.44% and the Duster in second place with 8,665 registrations and a share of 17.64%.

The Dacia Duster LPG has also become popular among fleet operators, winning the award for best LPG car (2020), in the category “Best LPG/CNG” released during the Mission Fleet Awards ceremony held in Milan on 5 July in the presence of fleet managers and automotive market players linked to fleets.

Dacia has democratised Autogas, offering bi-fuel petrol and LPG engines across its entire range. The LPG injection system is added to the petrol engine and is installed by Dacia directly in the factory, in place of the spare wheel, keeping the boot space intact.

There are over 15 million LPG-powered vehicles in circulation in the European Union and 26 million in the world. Moreover, on average, the fuel is available in 1 out of 4 service stations in Europe. For more information, please check this link.

18 August 2021