Dacia Duster pick up 4×4 adapted to LPG now available in France

The Dacia Duster Pick Up is not sold in many European markets, but it is a very interesting and attractive alternative. Produced in Romania by the specialist Romturingia, now it arrives in France imported by Borel.

It receives the Crit’Air 1 thanks to the adaptation to Autogas, which also makes it a unique vehicle in its class. In France, Crit’Air certificates are used to categorise vehicles based on the level of emissions produced, and label 1 includes CNG, LPG, plug in and hybrid cars. Vehicles with categories Green and 1 are the cleanest and can access low emission zones, as well as receiving other benefits such as free parking.

The French drivers interested in this pick up will be able to take it with the 1.3 TCe engine of 150 CV in combination with the total four-wheel drive and the six-speed manual gearbox. It is a fast, efficient vehicle, and also respectful of the environment when used with Autogas.

The conversion leaves an interior for two occupants and a small but usable rear box. The quality of the elements of the transformation is very high, while the equipment is complete, highlighting the blind spot monitor, browser, heated seats or keyless access.

In France, users can access this Dacia Duster Pick Up 1.3 TCe with 150 CV and all-wheel drive from €34,500 if it is equipped with LPG technology. For more information, please visit this link.

7 December 2022