Czech LPG industry showcases new car models at Autoshow Prague

The Czech LPG Association (ČALPG) was present at the 24th Annual Autoshow Prague exhibition, which took place on 27-29 August 2021 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre in Letňany, Prague. There, it showcased new models of cars with LPG factory equipment as well as converted vehicles.

While conversions make up the dominant share of new Autogas vehicle registrations, in recent years the share of cars with factory LPG technology has been growing, mainly due to the Dacia and Renault models. In this regard, the Dacia Logan and the Dacia Sandero were on display at the ČALPG stand of factory-fitted cars.

Regarding conversion systems, many manufacturers of LPG kits are expanding their technologies and now offer conversion of state-of-the-art engines with direct or combined bi-fuel injection.

“The company AUTOGAS – CENTRUM has lent two of this year’s novelties on the Czech market for our exhibition. Cars with indirect injection are represented by the new Lada Niva Luxe Off-road model. From the direct injection engine category, the LPG conversion of the new Škoda Octavia 4th generation 1.5 TSi was on display,” said Ivan Indráček, Chairman of the Czech LPG Association.

According to the ČALPG, the aim of the exhibition was, in addition to showcasing specific models of Autogas vehicles, offering clear information about the advantages of this alternative fuel and its potential in the field of reducing emissions. Thanks to the fully developed existing infrastructure and the high number of cars in operation, Autogas is already helping to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can make a significant contribution to meeting emission targets.

Moreover, bioLPG appeared on the Czech market last year, which is generally up to 70% more environmentally friendly than conventional fossil LPG in terms of carbon footprint. In 2021, deliveries to the Czech Republic have already exceeded last year’s entire volume. For more information, please visit this link.

1 September 2021