Costa Rican president encourages adoption of Autogas

President Carlos Alvarado has suggested the use of LPG in vehicles as an alternative to the constant rise in gasoline prices. A few months ago, the Executive President of the Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (Recope) Alejandro Muñoz had also recommended the adoption of this cleaner energy.

As a result of the depreciation of the local currency against the dollar and the increase in international prices of petroleum derivatives due to the impacts of the geopolitical crisis between Russia and Ukraine, drivers must currently pay ₡765 per litre for premium gasoline.

In this context, there are experts who consider that the final prices to consumers will increase even more in the coming months and the amount per litre of the premium gasoline would reach ₡900 in a short time.

President Alvarado recently said that Costa Rica must bet on alternatives such as the use of Autogas, and added that there are many drivers who have already chosen to change the propulsion of their vehicles. “There are taxi drivers or bus drivers who have switched to cheaper fuels or even electricity,” he commented.

In the case of Recope, since mid-2021 Muñoz has referred to LPG as one of the main bets in the medium term. They want this fuel to be a transition energy for vehicles and industrial companies.

“If we transform gasoline vehicles to LPG, we would save ₡352,000 per year with an average travel of 14,600 kilometres per year”, said Muñoz in November of last year.

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2 March 2022