Community of Madrid strengthens investment in alternative fuel adoption

The Community of Madrid has launched a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Plan MUS) to promote the acquisition of non-polluting vehicles powered by alternative fuels. With this campaign, the community plans to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other polluting fuels, in order to improve air quality and contribute to the energy transition.

This programme will allocate two million Euros to help acquire vehicles labelled as “eco” (powered by Autogas and natural gas) and “zero” (electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles) according to the General Direction of Transport (DGT).

The aid, managed through the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid, will depend on the cost of the vehicle, its range and the type of fuel used. These incentives may be used to purchase vehicles that have a maximum sale price of 32,000 Euros before VAT, in the case of electric cars, or 25,000 Euros in the case of purchase of Autogas and natural gas cars.

The incentive will be of up to 5,500 Euros for the purchase of a “zero” labelled vehicles, and up to 2,500 Euros in the case of “eco” vehicles. The concessionaires must also contribute up to 1,000 Euros as an additional discount for the acquisition of the vehicle. For more information, please visit this link.

19 December 2018