Community of Madrid speeds up transition to Autogas vehicles


The Government will subsidise the conversion of vehicles so they can operate with cheaper and less polluting fuels, such as LPG, through Renove Plans. Each user joining this campaign will receive up to 400 euros: 200 euros transferred directly to the owner of the vehicle and the rest through a discount on the invoice issued by the authorised workshops, on account of these.

This is the first time for these kinds of grants, for which the Community has allocated 250,000 euros for the conversion of gasoline vehicles to Autogas. In addition, there is a 170,000 euros funding for the conversion of vehicles to CNG.

With this initiative, the government aims to reduce urban pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, since its development is very convenient for improving urban air quality, as envisaged in the ‘Strategy for Air Quality of the Community of Madrid.’

The 4 Renove Plans approved recently have a grant of 670,000 euros and will generate an induced investment of more than 3,500,000 euros. In 2016 14 Renove Plans have been approved with 3.82 million of funding.