Colombian vehicle fleet would benefit if it switched to LPG, says major association

In a recent interview, Felipe Gómez, President of Agremgas (Colombian Association of Gas Marketers), shared his insights about the industry and highlighted the importance to speed up the transition to Autogas.

The LPG sector is making its way into the market with the energy transition. In Colombia, 62,000 tonnes of LPG are currently consumed per month throughout the territory, where its highest concentration occurs in Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca. In this regard, Gómez explained that the LPG sector market is doing well if demand adjusts. In fact, he said that Colombia should be importing 40% of the gas by 2026.

He also underlined the importance of promoting the use of LPG as a vehicle fuel in all means of transport and that country’s automotive fleet would benefit if it switched to this alternative fuel.

The transition to Autogas can be encouraged “with some conversion kits that make cars bi-fuel. With this conversion plan, savings and the widespread adoption of this technology would be within the reach of all Colombians,” he said.

“The transition goes towards new uses of LPG in Colombia, such as Autogas. This reduces emissions, operating costs, mitigates the impact on the price stabilisation fund due to the substitution of gasoline and diesel with LPG, in addition to reducing the fiscal gap of the stabilisation fund,” he added.

Source: La República

10 May 2023