Colombian Energy Ministry advances in regulation of Autogas adoption

The Ministry of Mining and Energy defined the minimum requirements to be met by wholesale marketers, distributors and service stations interested in selling LPG as fuel for land and river transportation in Colombia. They must have a Firm Supply Contract, promptly report the requested information to the Ministry of Mining and Energy and carry out all the necessary actions to guarantee the continuity of the supply and distribution of the fuel.

Additionally, the Autogas service stations interested in starting operations must process the corresponding urban and environmental licenses, permits and/or authorisations before the competent authorities.

“Last July we catalogued LPG as a low-emission energy source. So, it has become an additional alternative fuel that is friendly to the environment and available to Colombians who will have a sustainable and cleaner transportation in the country,” said the Vice Minister of Energy Miguel Lotero.

In order for the use of Autogas to be a reality in Colombia, the Ministry of Mining and Energy continues to work on the specifications and technical requirements that service stations must meet for the commercialisation of LPG, as well as the quality regulations of LPG for vehicle use. For more information, please visit this link.

25 November 2020