Colombia: new LPG refuelling station opens in the Caribbean region

Colgas announced the opening of ‘Ecos’ San Antonio station, the first service station with its own brand to distribute Autogas and provide new options for the transport segment in the Department of Atlántico. The new facility is located in the city of Soledad and will be available for cars as well as for three-wheelers. The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice Minister of Mines Cristian Andrés Díaz Durán.

This is an “important milestone in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. This station will offer a revolutionary alternative: LPG, a fuel that promises to transform the way we travel and care for the environment,” said the company in a statement.

Colgas has already displaced more than 115,000 gallons of petrol with Autogas in Cartagena and Medellín, which has resulted in a reduction of more than 250 tonnes of polluting emissions. “These figures speak of the positive impact that LPG is generating in mobility at a national level,” according to the energy solutions company.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Colgas’ new LPG filling station plans to refuel mainly three-wheelers, which are very popular in Soledad and represent a key opportunity to reduce emissions and improve air quality in the community.

So far, Soledad has around 8,000 three-wheelers in circulation, so Colgas has partnered with Grupo UMA and specialised workshops to carry out the transition of these vehicles to Autogas.

This collaboration is expected to convert a large part of the existing three-wheeler fleet, lowering its environmental impact and providing a better economy for the inhabitants.

Source: Colgas

21 June 2023