Colombia has a potential of 5.5 million Autogas vehicles, according to experts

With barely a year on the market and close to 1,000 vehicles converted and 11 service stations, located in Barranquilla, Cartagena, Medellín, Cúcuta, Fusagasugá and Pasto, Autogas has been widely accepted in Colombia. Its benefits offer an encouraging future in the country.

According to Andrés Felipe Vargas, National Director of Special Projects at Terpel, Colombia’s potential to convert vehicles to LPG is 5.5 million. This was mentioned during the conference “Autogas. Opportunities in Colombia,” within the framework of the 4th International LPG Congress, held by the Colombian LPG Association (GASNOVA) in Bogotá.

Autogas has been a resounding success in the country, “not only because it is a world-renowned fuel (around 27 million vehicles use LPG), but also because of the characteristics of the product: in addition to maintaining the power and autonomy, it offers 81% fewer particulate emissions and 21% less CO2 compared to gasoline, and 74% less NOx compared to diesel,” said Terpel expert.

Moreover, Autogas represents savings in fuel costs of 33% compared to gasoline and 23% compared to diesel in Colombia. “If the upward trend in the price of gasoline continues, the difference will increase, offering a great opportunity for LPG,” commented Vargas.

Autogas has had a good response in the cities where it has been implemented so far. However, according to Vargas, it has to face several challenges to consolidate itself in the country: increasing the number of conversions, developing a network of allied conversion workshops, expanding the refuelling infrastructure. Regarding the latest, he highlighted that the cost of setting up an LPG filling station is up to five times cheaper than a CNG one. For more information, please check here.

7 December 2022