City in Tennessee uses Autogas fleet for essential works during COVID-19

The Town of Greeneville started with converting three of their Law Enforcement Ford Explorers in 2019 and adding an Autogas programme to the town’s fleet, with the collaboration of Alliance AutoGas (AAG). After seeing the success with these initial Autogas vehicles, City Administrator Todd Smith decided to expand its programme.

Currently, the city has 18 converted Autogas vehicles for the local police department, which includes 13 Ford Law Enforcement Sedans, and five Ford Law Enforcement Explorers. “In addition to upfront benefits found in Autogas, having an additional fuel increases the department’s loiter time in our vehicles for emergencies,” said Smith.

As with many of AAG’s customers, the Town of Greeneville decided to invest in its own Autogas station. “AAG was able to quickly deliver and install an LPG vehicle refuelling station for the town that is as similar to operate as going to your regular gasoline station,” said David Kennedy, Director of Autogas Design at Alliance AutoGas.

When speaking on the refuelling infrastructure, Smith added, “With the new infrastructure, our officers can refuel their vehicles quickly while being able to easily respond to calls. It makes refuelling very convenient for our department.”

“In times of emergencies, like the current fight against COVID-19, fuel uncertainty is among many concerns for fleets across the country. Autogas is produced domestically, which provides a reliable fuel source for all essential employees who are utilising the alternative fuel,” according to AAG. Autogas gives fleets independence by not having to rely on foreign fuel and provides the ability to focus on whatever is needed out of a particular fleet during a crisis.

“Having an additional fuel source helps maintain the town’s ability to provide critical services to the residents of Greeneville in times of shortages and emergencies,” commented Smith. “We are currently discussing being able to expand our Autogas programme for local school buses among other departments.”

To date, the Town of Greeneville has used 18,500 gallons of Autogas, which according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculations displaces 566 barrels of oil and 448 short tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, please visit this link.

27 May 2020