Chilean government authorises Autogas conversions of private vehicles

The Chilean Minister of Economy, Juan Andrés Fontaine, presented the Economic Reacceleration Agenda consisting of 40 measures, which are “based on three fundamental axes:” combating bureaucracy and simplifying procedures for the installation of companies and their development; encouraging greater competition, and boosting innovation.

One of the measures aimed at greater competition includes lifting “the restriction to convert private vehicles from gasoline to LPG or LNG, allowing a reduction of about 35% in fuel costs for light car owners,” says the government’s plan.

Specifically, the current legislation authorised such conversions only to vehicles that were used for passenger transport or for commercial use. But now, all drivers who have a car less than 5 years old can install the kit that allows them to switch from gasoline to clean-burning Autogas.

“Certainly this is a conversion that has an economic advantage and that also has a huge environmental benefit. It makes all the sense in the world to eliminate the restriction,” said the minister.

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9 October 2019