Chilean gas distributor embraces clean fuel vehicles for its own fleet

In line with its strategy to develop the Autogas market in the freight transport segment, Gasco recently launched its new distribution fleet that runs on LPG. The fleet includes both light vehicles for home distribution and heavy vehicles for bulk distribution and raw material supply.

“LPG is the alternative fuel with greater availability in Chile today, representing a flexible option to reduce emissions and generate operational savings in transport fleets. As a company we want to support its use in both light and heavy vehicle segments,” said Claudio Córdova, Gasco Transport Development Manager.

The Autogas distribution vans correspond to the light duty fleet segment, which is widely used today in Chilean large cities for the delivery of goods and merchandise, and are a real, available, more economical alternative to petrol-powered vehicles. In addition, these vehicles are exempt from vehicle restrictions and can access the centre of Santiago.

For its bulk distribution fleet, Gasco expanded the number of Autogas dedicated trucks by adding two new Freightliner S2G LPG. With this, Gasco already has five Autogas vehicles for industrial and residential distribution that operate in the metropolitan region, and expects to continue betting on this fuel during this year given the good performance the vehicles have shown.

For the heavier fleet, Gasco presented the Mercedes Actros LPG-diesel truck that supplies gas from the company’s terminals and plants and that is currently under trial. This project is part of a pilot plan authorised by the Ministry of Transport, and aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using dual fuel technology in the cargo transport segment that today is 100% dependent on diesel.

“We are obtaining truck operation data to demonstrate the technical feasibility and the impact that this technology could have, which will allow us to expand the current LPG conversion regulations for heavy transport vehicles,” Córdova added.

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17 July 2019