Chilean Autogas company forms strategic alliances to boost LPG conversions

Abastible Autogas is offering a comprehensive service alternative that allows drivers to save on fuel costs and improve air quality. A wide network of certified service stations and workshops throughout the country; partnerships to offer better financing and security alternatives; and benefits for taxi drivers who want to convert their vehicle, are the initiatives that Abastible is promoting to stimulate the transition to Autogas.

Regarding the alliances, Abastible Autogas is working with BCI Seguros, offering drivers benefits that allow them to contract insurance for their private or commercial vehicle, in addition to the conversion kit.

On the other hand, it has just closed agreements with Bank of Chile and Transbank, offering their clients the possibility of paying in up to 24 and 12 instalments, respectively, without interest with a credit card. Likewise, through its collaboration with ABC VISA and SBPay, financing of the vehicle conversion is also offered.

Moreover, many drivers of taxi apps are opting for this alternative fuel, and for them Abastible Autogas has created an alliance with BEAT, offering members a preferential price in the conversion and a 200-litre gift card for LPG refills.

“For 18 years, Abastible Autogas has developed a complete service design, which has a highly qualified team and first-rate infrastructure to respond to the growing demand, and that position it as the market leader and the best and safest alternative to convert a vehicle to LPG”, said Ignacio Mackenna, Commercial Manager of Bulk, Energy Solutions and Autogas.

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22 December 2021